About Julie


My name is I’m Julie and I’m glad you stopped by!  I started this blog as a way to share workouts, quick & tasty recipes, and also how to enjoy life while maintaining a healthy balance.  I’m a 30 year old who loves relaxing with a beer (or 4) on the beach or watching sports at the bar but I know it’s all about moderation and being able to live a healthy life while still having fun. 🙂

A little about myself….  I grew up on Cape Cod, moved to DC for a couple of years after college and eventually found my way back north to Boston.  I lived in this amazing city for 4+ years before recently buying a house just 11 miles North of the city. 

I’m here with my fiancé, Mike:

And our crazy cat, Rocky.


I’ve been running off and on since the fall of my freshman year in high school when I first joined the cross-country team.  I ran cross country, winter track, and spring track for two years but always had knee problems and shin splints so after one too many physical therapy appointments, I gave it up.  Instead of running I went to the gym for long sweat sessions on the elliptical and stairmaster.  In college I was more into group fitness classes but still went out for the occasional run to maintain a healthy weight and to work off my lil’ beer belly.   Now I run because I love it. 

I’m not the best at it and it doesn’t come easy to me but I still love everything about it.  I love my peaceful morning runs, running with friends, running solo, running in the rain, training for a race, the pre-race jitters, the post-race parties……  everything.  

(My friend and I before a local Turkey Trot)

Life Besides Running…

I also love being in the kitchen preparing a good meal or baking a new treat.  Although I consider myself more of a beginner and “experimenter” in the kitchen, I’m slowly becoming more confident with the dishes I prepare.  I’ll share a lot of healthy, super easy recipes.  Most of which will require very little prep work and can be prepared on any budget.  I try to eat mostly healthy foods but I still indulge on occasion (wine, chocolate, cookies, cheese & crackers, etc.).  As I mentioned above, I believe it’s all about balance and moderation!

Avocado Run?

Mike actually suggested the name and after repeating it a couple of times it started to sound like “Avvvvva gotta run”…..   Right?  Right.  It combines my new obsession with avocado’s (especially baked), my love for eating healthy{ish} foods and my passion for running. 

I hope you enjoy my blog!  If you have any questions and would like to contact me directly, my email address is JulieTotten24@yahoo.com

5 thoughts on “About Julie

  1. yay, Jules 🙂 love this! so proud of you! makes me want to get back into my routine too…and come up and run another run in Boston with ya! great job!

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