Bring On Christmas!

Hey guys!

So instead of hitting up the gym this afternoon, I decided to do something much more important and put up my Christmas decorations!  Yayyyy!  I pulled out all 6 decorations from storage and quickly realized a trip to Christmas Tree Shop and Home Goods was in order.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to buy but I knew I really wanted window lights, some garland, and a couple more living room decorations.  I figure I can chip away and buy a couple of decorations every year and eventually I’ll be all set.  So here’s some of what I have so far……

In my dream world we would have a Christmas tree in our living room but since Rocky’s such a spaz I don’t think it’s a good idea.  I just know he’ll to try climb the tree and I’ll come home to mess and broken ornaments every day.  Maybe he’ll be more chill next year?  So instead of a tree, I decorated the shelf on the wall, placed lights in the windows (which I’m obsessed with), and casually decorated our small space.

I also picked up this cute little hot cocoa mix from Home Goods.  Mike had mentioned that he wanted to make hot cocoa with Bailey’s or Kahlua so I had to get it for “him”.  I knoooow it’ll taste delicious after my long run on Sunday… 😀

Alright time to log off and catch up on Jersey Shore with Mike (don’t judge our exciting Friday night ;))  

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Anyone going for a long run this weekend?  Or racing?

-I’m hoping to run 9-10 miles on Sunday morning…  it’s going to perfect weather (50’s and sunny) so I might as well enjoy it while I can. 😀

Do you have a Christmas tree?  Real or fake?

-No tree this year but I’m all about the real trees!  I love, love, love the smell of a real tree.