Time for a bagged lunch

What do I do when I really, really, really don’t want to workout?  I suck it up and just do it! (well most of the time… )  By the time I arrived home from work yesterday I was in the mood to throw on my sweats, pour a glass of wine, and plop on the couch for the night (yup, another wild n’ crazy Friday night in the Totten house)  But according to my half marathon training, I was scheduled to run for 40 minutes.  So I sucked it up and headed out into the chilly night for a quick run.  I told myself I didn’t have to run for 40 minutes but I did have to get my butt out the door and do something.

And you know what?  I felt a thousand times better once I got back from my 30 minute (3.5 mile) run.


This morning started off with my long run for the week: 6 miles.  It was a pretty easy run but felt hard the entire time.  Oh well, it happens.  After my run, I prepared a bowl of oatmeal with a scoop of almond butter and got ready to work a track meet.  This also included quickly throwing together some snacks to get me through the day.  The facility where I work track meets does provide free lunch to the workers but it’s either a) greasy pizza or b) heavy pasta.  Not only are these foods super high in calories and fat but they also don’t sit well in my stomach (at all).  So I pack my own stuff!

What’s in my lunch bag today??

  • Mango Chobani greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup GoLean Crunch
  • some fresh strawberries

  • a peanut butter chocolate chip LaraBar (I love this flavor)

  • And a banana

Other foods I pack for track meets include:

  • a peanut butter and jelly (or banana) sandwich
  • tuna fish sandwich
  • almonds or trail mix
  • fruit (apples, grapes, berries)
  • carrot sticks with hummus
  • wheat thins/triscuits w/ a cheese stick
  • pb crackers

I usually don’t have much time to pack my lunch/snacks or much time to eat them so I try to grab food that’s convenient, full of protein, and fairly healthy. 😀


What do you pack for lunch? 

Favorite “on the go” healthy snack?

Any fun plans this weekend?