Wanna know a little secret about house hunting?

Well maybe not a secret but a little advice? 

You won’t be able to sleep.  Like at all. 

And that’s why I’m up and typing away at 4am on a school night.  Mike and I have recently started house hunting and this is leaving me excited/stressed/a basket case/happy/nervous/eager/overwhelmed.  I obviously can not wait to be a home OWNER and everything but I’m also really sad to leave my comfortable city life and my beloved neighborhood, Southie.  I have tons of crazy thoughts that are annoyingly (is that a word?) keeping me up at night:

How can I move when there’s so many restaurants/bars within walking distance?  Can I live without PS Coffee?  How will I workout without Gold’s Gym half a mile away?  Can I really move when they’re finally opening a Starbuck’s in Southie?  Will I survive without a CVS, nail place, and bank right within a 5 minute walk?!  And what about Sunday Funday?  Don’t I need that?  Will I be OK living without a roof deck? (probably not.. )  And not being minutes away from my friends?  And the thing that really keeps me up at night….   how will I feel about running in the ‘burbs instead of in Southie which is the BEST area for runners?!  Will I die of boredom running in the same neighborhoods over and over and over again?  And what about my morning runs along the beach?

But the good news is, I just did a quick search and discovered that the town we like does have so many things that I want/need in my life.  Besides a great community and school system and all that important stuff, the town also includes:

  • A gym!  With a bunch of fitness classes too.  Maybe I’ll finally get into yoga or body pump?
  • And it does have a grocery store (this actually stressed me out more than I thought it would…   what if there’s no grocery store??  How will I get food?!). 
  • And a couple of coffee shops and a Dunkin’s.  So they aren’t as good as PS Coffee and Starbuck’s but maybe I’ll find a cute lil’ cafe where I can drink coffee and read the newspaper every once in a while?  I had a place like that when I lived in Charlestown and have really missed going there…
  • And the town has some pretty good running trails and a lake with a trail nearby. 
  • They even have a Running Club that meets every Wednesday night for a timed 5K.  Maybe I’ll finally run a 5K in under 23 minutes!
  • I’m sure I won’t have a roof deck (well not right away.  2-3 years maybe? ;)) at my future house but I will have my own yard and a patio or deck with a real grill!  Not the electric grill that we currently have on our roof deck.
  • And it’s not too far from South Boston so I can easily drive back if I really need a morning, sunrise run.  Or a lunch date with my friends. 🙂

So all in all, I guess I can chill out and not get too emotional about leaving Southie, yet….. 

_ _ _ _ _ _

Did you move from the city to the burbs?  Any advice? 🙂

Are you in a Running Club?

What’s your workout today?

The weather is nice today (40’s and sunny) so I’m finally doing my 12 miler!