After my alarm rudely went off at 4:40 AM, I turned it off and told Mike “nope, we are not going to the gym.  I slept like crap and I don’t wanna move!”  But within 3 minutes I talked myself out of it and we quickly changed and headed off for an early morning workout at our new gym, LA Fitness.

And I felt like a million bucks after.  Sometimes a good, sweaty workout is all you need to get your day going on the right foot!

_ _ _ _ _

As we discussed yesterday I just decided to run a half marathon this Sunday.  Long story short, the race was supposed to have been on March 3rd and I followed a 12 week training program during the winter even running in snow storms, on icy roads, in freezing cold weather, etc. but due to snow right before the race it had to be cancelled.  So here we are just days from the rescheduled date and I haven’t trained since, well March.  But it’s OK because I have a plan thanks to the Runner’s World magazine!  And oh it’s a good one!

The article is titled “Beyond the Mantra” and it was so inspiring!  I highly recommend everyone go out and buy the May Runner’s World.  

The article was all about how reciting positive thoughts is fine, but to really run your best, you’ve got to shout down your inner critic.  Isn’t this something we ALL struggle with?!  You’re out running and all you can think about is how tired you are, how your legs are sore, how it’s OK to slow down you worked hard enough…  blah blah blah.

Well we need to STOP the negative self-talk and put effort into positive thinking.  This not only includes on race day but during training as well.  Positivity is critical. 

“Negativity, whether it’s worry or doubt, often leads to self-defeating behaviors including slowing down, cutting a workout short, or dropping out of a race.  “It is the self-fulfilling prophecy.” says Cindra S. Kamphoff, Ph.D., director of the Center for Sport and Performance Psychology at Minnesota State University.  Mentally strong runners don’t go there.  They use their thoughts and their training to feed a belief in themselves.  The became my goal.”

The author went out and trained her brain for mental toughness.  She did that by following a plan:

  • Select a performance goal
  • ID your weakness
  • Set process goals
  • Develop focus tools
  • Sync it up
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Reinforce process goals
  • Prep for race day
  • Visualize executing your race plan
  • Stick with routine

So there you have it; my plan for the half marathon on Sunday and my plan for all my runs…    It’s all about positive thinking!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Hill Repeats & Mexican Shrimp Salad.

Oh hello! Long time no talk, right?! I lost my blogging motivation for a couple of weeks but I’m backkkk!

I have a half marathon on Sunday and I’m really not ready for it. And I’m not just saying that to be modest. I’m like really not ready to run a half marathon right now. Just like how I took a break from blogging, I also let working-out and running take a back seat while I focused on moving into our new house. So yeah, this race has crept up on me and I now have 3 days to prep myself.

Yesterday afternoon I went out for an easy 20 minute run around my neighborhood….

and then did a bunch of hill repeats to complete my workout. This involved “sprinting” up a long, steady hill as fast as I could go, jogging down the hill and then resting for 1-2 minutes in between each set. And repeat.

Let me tell ya, I was dying! Hills kick my ass every single time!


In preparation for Cinco De Mayo I decided to prepare a healthy Mexican salad for dinner last night. I picked a couple of ingredients at Trader Joe’s and got to work. I combined the following ingredients in a bowl and used the greek yogurt guacamole as the dressing. It turned out tasting awesome!!  

Btw wouldn’t that be nice if we celebrated this holiday with a week long festivities??  A week full of corona lights, margarita’s, tortilla chips and guacamole! 🙂

Healthy, Easy Mexican Shrimp Salad!


  • romaine lettuce
  • canned corn
  • canned black beans
  • 1 tomato, diced
  • 1 cucumber, diced
  • Mexican blend shredded cheese
  • cooked, marinated shrimp (I used the frozen Thai Lime Shrimp Skewers from Trader Joe’s)
  • guacamole (I used the Trader Joe’s greek yogurt guac – so friggen good! This definitely stole the show.)

_ _ _ _ _

Before I sign off, I have to show you a pic’ of Rocky from yesterday because a) he begged me and b) it reinforces my belief that I really want to come back as a cat in my next life. Sleep, eat, sleep sounds pretty good to me.

_ _ _ _ _

Anyone else racing this weekend? Or training for a race?

What’d you have for dinner last night?


Finally went for a run & made a 3 layer dip!

I haven’t worked out in a week and I apparently forgot how to dress for a run.  For some reason I thought it was a good idea to wear a tank top, a long sleeve, and a puffy vest in 58 degree/sunny weather!?  I was miserable out there.  I ended up taking off my vest and running the 3+ mile loop holding onto it.  Grrrrrr.

But on a positive note, I got outside and ran this afternoon!!  Not working out in 7 days wasn’t ideal but between packing, moving, cleaning, furniture shopping, having friends over, boozing it up, etc. the last thing I wanted to do was workout.  Hopefully today will jump-start me into my goal of 4 workouts a week. 🙂 

Oh, and I finished the lil’ run with a couple sets of tricep dips and push-ups against a bench.  I’m gym-less at the moment so gotta tone the arms whenever I can.

3 Layer Dip!

Last night I had a some friends over to check out the house and catch up.  We enjoyed the usual white wine, beer, cheese and cracker platter and a big spinach salad.  But the appetizer that stole the show was an awesome hummus dip (courtesy of Jacki).  This dip only took minutes to prepare and yet it tasted so friggen good.  You have to try it.


  • Hummus
  • Taboule Salad
  • Crumbled goat cheese


1) Spread each layer in a casserole dish and serve with your favorite chips or veggies.  Enjoy!


_ _ _ _ _ _

What was your workout today?? 😀

What’s your favorite dip?