Only positive thoughts

Well the race is over and I PR’d by 5 seconds, finishing in 23:13.  Now I want to be able to run a 5K in under 23 minutes!  I know it can happen; I just have to train harder (or just train in general). 

Yesterday’s course was a flat and fast 3 mile loop around the lake in Wakefield.  The weather was perfect for running (sunny and 40 degrees) and my body felt great.   I loaded up on sports beans 30 minutes before the start and was ready to go!

I also gave myself a little pep talk and promised I would only think positive thoughts during the race…..   “I will not think about my legs being tired, or how I can’t breathe, or the fact that I’m so out of breath I might puke.  And if those thoughts enter my mind then I’ll quickly change them into a positive.  YOU’VE GOT THIS!!” 

I really think this helped with running my fastest 5K.  I know your thoughts control your body so I’m not sure why I always let negative thoughts enter my head while running?!  I ran a strong race and even had negative splits of 7:37, 7:24, and 7:10. 😀

Here’s some things I think about during a race or tough workout when I start getting tired:

1) When my legs get tired, I start concentrating on my arms and pumping them faster….. “You only run as fast as your arms move”

2) This is a RACE, I’m not supposed to feel comfortable.

3) The faster I run, the sooner I’m done (and can drink water) 

4) No regrets!!!

5) I feel good, I feel strong.

6) Or I think about all my favorite crazy fast running bloggers and how they give it their all while racing!  To be like them, I have to race like them!


After the race, I headed home to devour a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich from PS Coffee (hands down; best post race meal) and quickly got ready for my friends baby-shower and then a birthday party out on the town!  Busy Saturday!

What do you do when you start getting tired during a race or hard workout?? 

I could use some more idea’s and mantra’s to add to my list! Thanks!