Some things I’m loving lately

1) Running outside in January! 

Yesterday was 60 degrees in Boston so I packed my gym clothes and squeezed in a quick, hilly 3 miler during my lunch break.  Not only was it awesome being outside during the work day but I was able to do so while wearing shorts!  Yup, shorts in January.  And I was still hot and sweaty.

2) Goat cheese.  Ahh it’s so friggen good!  Last night I went out for a mani/pedi/happy hour date with my friend and we enjoyed the most delicious goat cheese, butternut squash, and candies walnut pizza.  It was  I’ve also been adding goat cheese to my scrambled eggs, on top of salads, and to my pasta dinner’s. 

3) Audio books.  How have I gone 3 years commuting in my car without listening to audio books?!  I knew about them.  I even knew how amazing they can be.  But I was too lazy to actually pick one up.  Thankfully those days are over!!  Last week I stopped at the library and picked up this funny audio book and it’s made my commute a million times better!

4) Warm water with lemon.  OK, so this one I don’t actually loooooove but I like it and I’m trying to love it.  I always hear about how drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning is great for the digestive system and for the liver.  So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been drinking a cup while getting ready for work (and then I switch over to coffee) 

You should check out this article to find out the “Ten reasons why you should have warm lemon or lime water daily”.

 This list could go on and on but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for you :D) I have to end my list with just 4 things so I can take off for work….   


Are you able to run outside this winter? 

What are you loving lately? 😀