My TOP 5 tips to staying healthy on a work trip.

Alright, let’s get right into it!  I’ll start off with the most obvious tip and then move on to my 4 other a little less obvious tips. 🙂


I know I’ve said this before but I really love running in new places (when I’m not in a sketchy area and I can’t get lost!)  I even did a guest post on the topic on this awesome blog.  My advice, if you can, try to get outside and move….

  • Squeeze in an early morning run before your busy day starts.
  • Get out and power-walk.  Walk to the train station instead of taking a taxi.  Or walk to dinner after your hectic day.  Or even get out during your lunch break for a brisk afternoon walk.  Anything is better than nothing! 

(Path for running in Hannover, Germany)

(Quick evening run while in Orange County, CA)

(Versailles, France)

And if you can’t get outside to workout then….

  • Take it to the convenient hotel gym
  • Follow along to a favorite workout DVD on your laptop
  • Watch free exercise video’s on YouTube
  • Look  up a “no weights” circuit training plan from Pinterest

You have so many options!


I know, I know…  it’s sooo easy to forget about fruits and veggies and it’s also so hard to get them sometimes.  For this reason I try to hit a grocery store soon after my arrival and stock my mini fridge.  Last week I picked up a bunch of grapes and snacked on them while getting ready for work.

I also try to order salads with a healthy olive oil based dressing at restaurants. 

(Dinner in Antwerp, Belgium last week…. 1/2 salad + 1/2 pizza = perfection)

If they don’t have a healthy dressing then just request one.  My salad came with a creamy super unhealthy dressing so I asked them to instead bring a little olive oil with honey and mustard.  It’s really not that hard for a waiter/waitress to substitute a dressing so don’t feel bad asking.

 (Not the tastiest drink but it was made with ALL VEGGIES.) 



Maybe that comes in the form of caffeine?  Or from begging a coworker to be your workout buddy for a couple of days?  Or even making a deal with yourself that if you workout then you can treat yourself to something nice later in the day?  A glass of wine at dinner or a new shirt, etc. 

For me, caffeine gets me motivated.  I’m obsessed with cappuccino’s in Europe so if it takes a couple of caffeinated coffee drinks to get me energized and motivated then I’ll happily drink em’ 🙂   


Work trips are freakin’ tiringggg.  We all know that.  So if you’re exhausted and don’t wanna work out then don’t do it.  And more importantly, don’t worry about not doing it.  Sometimes it’s more important to get an extra 30  minutes of sleep than it is to hit the gym.  Do what’s right for you!

_ _ _ _ _

What’s your top tip for staying healthy while traveling?

Hallo from Genk! PS I suck at blogging lately……

Hallo guys!

Sorry I’ve slacking in the blog world…..    I’ve been busy, busy working in Belgium and haven’t been online too much.  Basically I suck as a blogger lately.  Buuuut I will make up for it this weekend when I’m back in Boston.  Not sure how but I’ll find a way. 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a fun fact for you about Belgium:

Belgium is trilingual.
If you’re in the northern part, Flanders, you speak Dutch, so you say: ‘hallo.’
If you’re in the southern part, Wallonia, you speak French, so you say: `bonjour.`
If you’re in the small German speaking part (southeast) , you say: `gutentag.`
If you’re in Brussels which is officially bilingual you can speak Dutch or French (but most people only speak French).

Belgium has two languages, depending on the region. They speak French and Flemish, so you would say either Bonjour (French) or Dag (Flemish)

**And they all speak English!!  That’s 4 languages!  Crazy, right?**

_ _ _ _ _ _

How’s your week?

How’s the weather where you are?

It was a chilly 4 degrees celsius and wiiiindy day but at least the sun was out 🙂

California Lovin’

I flew to Orange County, CA on Sunday night for work and I might never come back.  The weather here has been a perfect 70’s and sunny and is supposed to be in the 80’s today.  This is winter weather!?  Why don’t we all live in California?? 🙂

Even though I have training everyday, I still make an effort to workout.  So on Monday and Tuesday I set my alarm for 5am and headed downstairs to the hotel gym for a 45 minute sweat session.  I was also able to squeeze in a quick 2 mile run along Newport Beach last night.  The run was a struggle for some reason (hence the fact I only did 2 miles) but the views were ah-may-zingggg!  Don’t you love working out in new places?

Enjoy your Wednesday!  Talk to you soon! 🙂