Yoga pants at work?

Happy Friday!! 

Let’s start off by saying, I’m a big fan of Self magazine.  I subscribe to their emails, actually read them, and always check out their website for health updates and new recipes.  But this little article I read online is a bit ridiculous.  The title “Gym Gear You Can Wear to Work” caught my attention so I went to check it out and found these crazy outfits that I definitely can’t wear to work.

Ummm nope, too tight…. 

Do I wear these fancy leggings with flats or heels?

Maybe if I worked at a gym or yoga studio I could wear these outfits?!  Or maybe under my work pants? 

I could however pull off this cute shirt with a scarf wrapped around my neck (not the pants):

And this sweatshirt looks really warm and cozy:

OK, so they did have a couple good idea’s in the article; just not those crazy workout pants. 

Last night

I have to tell you guys about these delicious looking mixers that I discovered at Whole Foods last night.

They’re a little pricey when they aren’t on sale but I bet they’re well worth the extra bucks.  Have you tried them before?  Did you like them?  If I wasn’t working track meets all weekend, I’d be tempted to start my Saturday off with a tall glass of Agave Margarita.  According to the label it’s made of “Our own cold-squeezed Persian lime, Valencia and Hamlin orange juices”.  Wow, sounds pretty darn healthy and tasty if you ask me.

I then made my way to my friend’s place to help organize her apartment (yeah, it prob. doesn’t sound like much fun but I actually love decorating and organizing!  Maybe ’cause I’m OCD?).  After fixing up her place, we sat down to eat chicken salad in lettuce wraps, steamed carrots, and white wine.  Yum!

What a perfect meal! 

Alright, time to take off for work……….  


Can you pull off yoga clothes at work?

Maybe a casual shirt?  But no way could I wear the pants….

Any long runs scheduled this wknd?

I just have to squeeze in a 6 miler at some point….  not too bad.